about banner PoodleA poodle is classed as the second most intelligent dog in the world, and is skillful, loyal and very agile. They were originally bred as water dogs and are very skilled in agility and even herding. The poodle is very rarely used for sports or hunting today, and are more commonly seen as house pets. They are also very popular as show dogs, and are often seen taking first place at great dog shows such as the world famous Crufts. Their elegance and natural beauty makes them the perfect dog to be entered into dog shows.

Although the poodle is often thought to have originated from France it is in fact a German breed of dog. The name poodle originates from the German word “pudel” which relates to the dogs love of water.  The poodle was originally used as a gun dog, and even today they are amazing hunting dogs. These dogs were specially bred with a moisture resistant coat allowing them to glide through the water far easier.  The poodles coat has a single layer of dense fur, which is unlike any other dog coat, and will need regular grooming.

Although the poodle rarely sheds its coat the appearance and quality of the fur will be at its best when groomed regularly.  You will be able to find this dog bred in various colors including black, white, grey and apricot. Typically their tails were docked following the hunting traditions; however, today many household poodles have long tails.  There are three main sizes of poodle, and the standard bred has to be taller than 15 inches.

Poodles are very hyper active, and do require a great deal of attention, and exercise or they will bore easily. When they get bored they can become destructive, and damage household property.   The poodle is highly intelligent making it ideal to train, and be entered in agility competitions.  Many years ago you would not have seen a circus that didn’t have performing poodles in to entertain the crowds. Poodles love attention and people, and want to please their owners at all times making them very loyal pets.

Although they are great with children they can, however, be boisterous, and want to be the center of attention at all times.   Poodles do tend to live for many years; however, they do have several health problems. This bred of dog is prone to hip problems, bloat and Addisons disease all of which need to be treated as soon as possible.  Although it has become very common to cross bred poodles with other breeds, the original perfect poodle is still preferred by many. They make ideal family pets as long as they are cared for correctly.

They are perfect for people who suffer from allergies as the poodle is one of the small number of hypoallergenic dog breeds. Their coats are different from other breeds allowing them to not affect people in the same way. Often the poodle is clipped to ensure that they remain cool in the hotter months, and remain looking in great condition. If you care for the poodle in the right ways, and ensure they are exercised regularly and kept entertained they will become your friend as well as your dog.


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